ORIGAMI Platform

Cloud On-Demand

Deploy to a zero-management cloud, where you only pay on code execution, or charge others for usage to monetize your services and grow your business.

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KATANA Framework

Distributed by Design

Build and deploy cloud native applications which are distributed by design, highly concurrent and powered by the latest generation of automated intelligence.

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SAMURAI Interface

Critical Insights

Visually compose services, then monitor with real-time analytics to gain critical insight into the topology of your application, all from a single interface.

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The next generation of Web applications on the Internet will be built on automated intelligence

We're that future, now.

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Cloud On-Demand

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, powered by the KATANA framework, and delivered across the planet, we're at the fore-front of serverless technology.


The platform handles everything, from provisioning to maintenance, load balancing and auto-scaling. Simply deploy and run your services with minimal intervention.

Pay per Request

You only pay when your code executes, enabling business scale based on usage and growth. You're never charged when your service isn't responding to requests.

Charge for Usage

Our virtual credits system makes it easy to set a price and charge others for usage of your services, without the worry of handling payments or chasing unpaid invoices.



Distributed by Design

Designed to be distributed, with concurrent messaging, the framework features a powerful multi-processing core, transactional integrity, and built-in fault tolerance.

Automated Intelligence

Aware of its environment, with the ability to adapt and react autonomously, it internally optimizes for efficiency and high availability, while capable of maintaining itself.

Component Architecture

Divided into 4 modular components, each with a specific function and behavior, these can be assembled in any way, in true plug & play fashion, directly from the CLI.


With support for YAML, JSON and XML, configuration includes component settings, OpenAPI compatible semantics, validation rules, feature toggles and SDK options.

SDK available in the following languages:

Java Node.js Python Go Ruby PHP



Critical Insights

Analyze and monitor the status of your services in real-time, and gain key insight into the topology of your application, all from a single state-of-the-art interface.

Development Tools

Import or export OpenAPI schemas, export Postman collections, auto-generate source code and documentation, and also access the full ORIGAMI platform tools.


View documentation and API references, including the KATANA framework, access support channels and connect with the global community of developers.


Extend and adapt both the visual interface and the virtual console, with HTML5 views and JavaScript commands, that leverage the integrated plugin architecture.

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We don't share, sell or distribute your data

Business Transformation

We aim to supercharge your organization from the ground up, through lean engineering and a framework which has agility embedded in its DNA. The ability to adapt and react autonomously, based on changes in patterns and behaviors, is what puts our technology on another level.

Join the Evolution

Our technology is a huge leap in the advancement of application architecture, to the point where it is self-aware. The platform is capable of understanding its environment, and optimizing for efficiency and high availability, with the intelligence to maintain itself.

Challenge Everything

As a small group of veteran engineers, our ethos is heavily influenced by the technology-driven ecosystem that surrounds us. With IoT on the rise, and artificial intelligence behind everyday products and services, we want to transform the way we build on the Internet.

For general inquiries or feedback, reach out to us at ping@kusanagi.io